Privacy Policy

This policy explains what information we will collect when using IASC services. It also explains what is done with that data once collected.

What data is collected

IASC considers your privacy important. As such we will only collect the minimum amount of data needed in order to maintain proper records for the submission of astronomical discoveries. This information includes the following:

  • First initial and last name of all citizen scientists
  • Country of origin for all citizen scientists
  • Email address for all team leads
We collect the first initial and last name of all participants as well as the country of origin in the case of a discovery. This allows participants to be recognized by the astronomical agencies in charge of the discoveries. We collect the email address of the team leads in order to maintain contact with a team of citizen scientists. This is important as a discovery can take years to be recognized.

What we do with your data

IASC will never sell your data for any reason. IASC will disclose the first initial, last name, and country of origin to the third party organizations that maintain astronomical discoveries in order that proper credit can be assigned to the citizen scientists. These third parties include, but are not limited to: The Minor Planet Center, Pan-STARRS, NASA, Astronomical Research Institute. If you have any concerns about these third parties please contact us at

How to remove your data

If you would like to view the data we have for you or have any data removed please contact IASC at and include your full name, the campaign you participated in, the team you were in, and what data you would like to have removed or delivered. Note that removal of data will result in the loss of all discovery credit.